FINALLY a fun and easy course that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to travel the world on a budget LIKE A PRO!
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Learn How To Travel The World
Do you dream of traveling the world?
Does traveling always sound amazing, but then seem too expensive?
Do you scroll hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures of other people traveling to amazing places throughout the world?
Do you wish you could dig your toes in the sand in some of the world's most beautiful beaches? Or splash around in beautiful blue water? Or eat, drink and be merry?
Traveling around the world is an incredible dream, but can seem elusive or incredibly expensive. Or maybe you're always putting off your vacation because the thought of doing it sounds amazing but a little overwhelming.
I know I used to stress out over traveling and feeling like I was spending all my hard earned money to go on 1 vacation a year. It was frustrating and stressful all at the same time.
But what if I told you I could teach you how to travel the world and no longer feel overwhelmed by the cost and all the obstacles that come with traveling.
Meet Mike Rush - World Travel Expert:
Mike Rush has traveled to over 42+ states in the USA and over 23+ countries worldwide. In his most recent adventures he traveled to the Olympics in Brazil, drank beers at Oktoberfest in Munich Germany, and explored dozens of temples throughout SE Asia. 

For over a decade now Mike has been finding ways to travel several times per year throughout the world without working for over 24 months (through savings and budgeting this was possible). 

Mike published the Amazon Best Seller "Live The Dream" which teaches people that no matter how much money you have it's easy to travel the world! Recently he's created online courses to help spread the knowledge and love of traveling. His courses have over 3050+ students!
What are students saying:
"You saved me over $300 on a flight that I almost booked! Can't thank you enough" Ty F - Montana
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